About us

About the company

Our rice mill is a large rice mill that have a production capacity of 1000 tons per day and we have our own delivery service trucks that satisfied the customers demand as well as to build a customer relationship. On the production side, we have variety of product choices and a variety of products grade that meet the demand of the customers as well as, given the opportunity to our company to be able to excess into different market e.g. long grain rice for people, broken rice for animal farms etc.

Vision and Mission

“The best rice we do, the best favor you can taste”


Since 2004, when was the company established by Mr.Manote Kaeokhiao which is our founder. Firstly, the company was only a small rice trade station without any milling operation as well as, selling variety types of rice seeds. As the time goes, we had expanded to a gigantic rice mill with full milling machines, sorting machines and dryers, which had a capacity only 450 tons per day. At that time, we started up with limited partnership company but, now we have turned into limited company. Moreover, we are able to produce 1000 tons of rice per day with 6 more warehouses. Currently, the CEO of the company is Ms Nonthiya Kaeokhiao which is sister of founder.